Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Really Big Secret Revealed.

I've held on to a big secret for the past two and a half months. There wasn't a good reason for not telling, other than I've been slightly embarrassed to share it. Please don't think any less of me when I tell you.

Last fall, when I was playing shows in Scotland and spent a couple days in Paris ... oh, man, here it goes ... (deep breaths) ... I went to EuroDisney.

There. I confessed. It's true.

It was Halloween Day, and I'd already dragged Tyra (on foot) all over Paris for days. We were tired, and Tyra was missing her children. Who can blame her? Halloween in Paris isn't exactly the same as seeing ghouls and goblins and princesses over here, so we decided to feed the homesickness with something about as American as you can get.

Apparently now it's called Parc Disneyland, but I think EuroDisney is more fun to say. I hadn't been to DisneyAnything since I was wee, so really I just thought it would be a funny story to share when we got home. You know, a can-you-believe-what-we-did?? How stereotypical is that?

But it turns out that EuroDisney is, um, actually really fun. I think it was especially fun because we didn't have any kids with us. Also, the whole thing is in French. The Haunted House ride -- le Phantom Manor -- isn't scary at all because we had NO idea what the Vincent Price-esque voiceover was actually saying.

Sadly, Disneyland is also the mosted visited tourist attraction in all of Europe. What's weird is that we didn't run into any other Americans. It's as if we were the only Americans foolish enough to come all the way to France, then go to Disneyland. (Oh wait, that's probably true.) Everyone was European, and pretty much everyone had kids with them. I guess all kids like Mickey Mouse, so I can understand its popularity.

Still, I felt pretty guilty about it. But the pictures of me embracing Tigger would prove otherwise, I think... Also, check out the creepy little French toddler in the Evil Mustache.

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