Craziest thing you've bought on pain pills or the like??

Hello from one-handed typing and 4 am! I'm almost 24 hours post surgery.  (Here are my surgery details, if you missed that post.) Spent yesterday on twitter and pain meds, probably not a great combination. I'm up early because my shoulder hurts and i need to ice it and also I need to browse rural land in Scotland because that is a totally reasonable thing to do and think of the novels i could write there and the music videos i could shoot there. Or who wants to buy this castle with me?

Today I'm thinking about how it is far too easy to buy random stuff.

Between credit cards and internets, combined with pain pills ... what pain presents (or even just pandemic presents) have you purchased???

  • My dad bought a 75" television 9 days before he died. He was going blind and wanted to watch golf.
  • My neighbor sponsored a child in Africa while taking ambien. She had no memory of doing it, but gelt too guilty to cancel, thus budgeted for it for years.
  • I am trying to not buy a Nespresso machine, even though i'm trying to add a regular amount of caffeine in order to regulate my ADHD. I hate those little pods, but i loooooooove the taste. They make a stainless steel reusable pod, but then how do i get the actual Nespresso coffee? Because that is what tastes like Europe and all the places  can only dream about going for a while.
  • I did just buy an electric toothbrush bc brushing properly hurts my good arm, and I'm not ready for a double-sling.
 No more spending, however, because surgery is expensive, and i am currently unemployed.
But drop me some links to your pandemic or pain pill purchases? I love a good story and fantasy purchase browsing!