Some personal news

Hello! If you're a patron, then you can read some personal news here and thank you so much for directly supporting me.
Photo purely because Joe Mays takes nice pics,
and y'all should know who he is. 

I've blogged for 15 years for free, and I'll still make most of my blogs public. But not this one. In an attempt to thank y'all who've joined my Patreon and to make it worth your hard-earned-dollar, I'm putting some exclusive blogs over there. Love y'all.

Also, just join my Patreon if you wanna know what's up with me. (No, I'm not pregnant, though that would be a really good marketing ploy to get you to join my Patreon. But, come on, if you've been thinking Oh I should do that, then maybe just go ahead now pretty please. You can make up a fake name if you don't want me to know who you are.)