Talking to grownups.

I'm saying yes to things these days (exception: no-pay gigs). Last night I went as a guest to a swanky cocktail reception and dinner down at 21C to celebrate the opening night of the new Actors Theatre of Louisville season. I used to go to those sorts of events all the time, but it's been years and years. I left the country. I had a baby. I haven't put out a new full-length album in an embarrassingly long amount of time. And I have fallen off the radar it seems.

But I said yes! And I ran into lots of people I knew, and even a few people who recognized my name (LOVE a name-tag event). I also met a long-lost cousin who happened to be getting honored at last night's event. So now I'm looking forward to a family reunion of sorts.

Most important of all: I talked with adults. I admit completely that I have forgotten how this is done. If anyone I spoke to last night is reading this, then allow me to apologize for forgetting how conversation is supposed to happen. I felt like a child allowed a the grownup table for the first time, trying desperately to use at least three words from my most recent vocabulary test. But I survived. And I had a really, really nice time.

Enough about me, though, right? (Hey, it's a blog ... what do you expect?)

A few links for weekend reading:

See? I told you it was cheaper to use Uber than own a car.

I'm playing a set at this event on Saturday ---------------->

Oh, I give up. I'll get you some more fun links next week. I used up my smartitude talking to adults last night.