A little Derby video magic and some reflecting

It's Derby season in Louisville! Here's your expected-and-necessary version of "My Old Kentucky Home," this time performed on the musical saw and the banjo. I love that Steve Cooley, who is always up for recording my antics.

Today's blog is about self-employed ROUTINE. I'm finding this difficult. I'm settling in to having childcare and not having to panic-call any babysitters for a business meeting or rehearsal. Still, I can't seem to find a good routine of balancing admin work with creative work. Has anyone out there managed it? Would you share your tips? Or guest-blog for me?

I'm hoping to spend some of today developing a regular schedule. I'm also trying to remember all the self-employed tips I've published in the past -- and referring to my own blog posts for inspiration. It reminds me that once upon a time, I was very good at this balance!