Taking the bus with my toddler.

This morning the wee boy woke up at sunrise (again), but rather than play trains and make breakfast, we walked up to Breadworks and shared a bagel. Then we -- and this is very strange for a Highlands-living mama -- TOOK THE BUS TO PRESCHOOL.

Like not a yellow schoolbus, but a straight-up publicly-funded TARC bus.

The Wee Boy LOVES taking the bus. He announced to everyone in Breadworks, "Bye-bye, friends. We're going to the bus stop," and off we went.

Here he is waiting on the bench waiting for the bus with his ukulele

We hopped on, he climbed on my lap, and then proceeded to sing, "The wheels on huge bus go round and round round and round round and round..."

By the second verse, a few other passengers had joined in. 

I dropped him off at preschool, and immediately hopped back on a bus going to Mama's Hip. It took all of three minutes to get there because apparently TARCs travel at warp speed. 

Pretty good investment for $1.75.

Quick tips:
1. Ditch the stroller. Babywear if you need to. Or at least bring just a small umbrella stroller. It's way easier to move around.
2. Always carry exact change.
3. Sing loudly.
4. The driver doesn't actually say, "Move on back!" Prepare for disappointment.