The music is back!

I wasn't able to post yesterday, but don't worry, I did spend the day celebrating Elvis Costello's 60th birthday. Mostly, I celebrated by doing something I haven't done in an embarrassingly long time: I listened to music.

I don't know if it's a cause or a symptom of my postpartum depression, but I just have had no desire in a terribly long time to listen to music. Instead, my phone is loaded with audiobooks, podcasts, and talk radio. Rather than sit down and rock out, I've been reading whenever I had a free minute. This is partly because when I'm lying down with the Wee Boy, pretending to be asleep, I am able to sneak an earbud in and "read" a book. Why not music? I don't know. And it's sad.

But yesterday ... and today too, while I was catching up on housework and mowing the lawn, I listened to Elvis song after Elvis song.

And it was so so good. I'd been in a prose-writing mood for years, and maybe that's just because I was listening to words, not music. Suddenly, I'm feeling like playing music again.

Upswing, perhaps? Thanks, Elvis, my friend. I needed it.

I wish I could leave you with some video from the EC show a few weeks ago, but I don't have any at all! Here's one from a show in Scotland ... dueling accordions: