New music out FRIDAY!

It's been FOUR years since I released new music, and I"m busting my BUM trying to promote it the right way. But of course, I'm on my own, so here goes:

"18 MONTHS LATER" will be out on all streaming platforms on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10!

Sonablast Records is distributing it for me, and I'm so grateful for that. I'm still on my own for promotion though, so I'm editing music video teasers an begging people on TikTok to pre-save the new tune :) I'd rather be singing, but so it goes!

Here's a HUGE and FREE way to help me out ... pre-save the song on your streaming service of choice here:

And if you have an iPhone and $1.29 to spare, i would be eternally grateful to you for buying my new song there. I'm trying desperately to get into the charts, which I think only requires a few hundred sales. If everyone who reads my blog bought the song on iTunes, I'd have a #1 single!!!! Seriously. Please????
1. open iTunes (NOT apple music, has to be iTunes for some reason)
2. search "18 Months Later" -- that's the song name. The album artwork looks like this:
3. buy the song!!! Please. 

I've been posting more on Instagram than on the blog, but i've also been writing a lot in my journal instead of here:) I've also been full-time homeschool mom and knocking out 50 art commissions before the holidays, and trying my best to promote my new music, and taking gigs that feel safe. Not sure I'll ever play a club again, but I've enjoyed playing the events that have required proof of vax and kept me safe. 

I've got plans to release a new song every month or two over the next year, then put them out on CD. Everyone on my patreon page will get a copy of the CD. 

I miss y'all!! Will do better in 2022. It's been a lot of ... stuff over here:) Much love to y'all, and thank you for the support.