Homeschooling & Cancer updates

Yes, we are still homeschooling. And not Zoom meetings at home with a teacher, but 100% homeschooling, where I am the teacher and we study what we want. I'm loosely following a curriculum I bought, but I am loving the freedom to stray when needed. 

I'm fortunate my boys can read, as it makes things a lot easier. I don't have to teach reading (though I supposed I already did that by accident?), and we can get piles of books from the library and study all the precambrian creatures we want. Then we can use modeling clay or pipe cleaners to make our own prehistoric animals, and then I can assign Graham to use those animals to make a stop-motion animation. Then he likes to write up something and post it to his instagram, so I feel like we're covering a lot of life skills in one subject. 

Here's a list of the resources we are using for homeschool. (It's an Amazon Affiliate link.)

We are reading 'official school books' (Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass/Phantom Tollbooth/Midsummer Night's Dream so far), but he always has some dragon fantasy book going on his own. Wee Angus just finished My Father's Dragon and we are doing some Winnie the Pooh and more Frog and Toad stuff next. 

As for math, they love doing it independently -- with apps that adjust to their current level, mainly Prodigy. 

Art is an easy find in my house. We've done some watercolor penguins this week, after I started making my own penguins from a Let's Make Art tutorial subscription box thingie I got myself for Christmas. Music lessons are on Wednesdays.

I'm kind of tortured about what to do about next school year. I don't see live music returning by the fall and then it's flu season again. I'm pretty sure I'm out of a job for another year at least. I'm hoping that the increase in vaccines means that museums and other fun field trip destinations will be open and maybe I could try a year of homeschooling where we aren't locked in our house. (My big dream has always been to just be a traveling homeschool family!) 

Quick cancer/surgery updates:

I have three more surgeries. The first one is February 4, and this will be to swap out the tissue expander for an implant. I'll have to heal from that one, let the flat side continue to heal, and then we can talk about putting in a tissue expander on the flat side. 

I'm still really upset with my first plastic surgeon, who did a weird kind of surgery and used a weird kind of tissue expander (one that was prone to infections, apparently). Mostly I'm annoyed that he put the tissue expander over the muscle. The new surgeon suggested that under the muscle was preferable both for surgery success and for looking more natural. So he is going to go under the muscle on my February 4 surgery, which means I'll have a pretty painful recovery, as those muscles have not been stretched at all and they are about to get a big ol' implant underneath them. #ouch

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