Elvis, Art, Movie Stars

Last time I wrote here, I blogged from an aperitivo sidewalk cafe in Florence, Italy, while my 9-year-old sipped a Shirley Temple and ate crisps, and I lounged with an Aperol Spritz and visions of moving to Europe (again). I filled a sketchbook with ink and watercolor architectural drawings and rode high-speed trains and savored espresso and pommes frites while my little one recited fun facts about popes of yore and the Path of Illumination. 

He's 10 now, and I've spent the winter hibernating in Louisville, still dreaming of European sidewalk cafes and universal health care.

But to catch you up ... here he is on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival.

And here's my 6-year-old, who WHILE ON VACATION IN VENICE, somehow managed to self-tape an audition, do a Zoom callback at MIDNIGHT Italian time, WITH AN AUSTRALIAN ACCENT, and book a big role in a feature film. He spent the next six weeks filming.

Life has been weird and wonderful, and finally, after months of being a stage mom and homeschooling, I got to get back to my own music career a couple of weeks ago, playing in New York City with someone you might have heard of: Elvis Costello. Here are some photos from other people's cameras - I believe these are by Wilma Wilkie.


I've got ONE original watercolor of Churchill Downs available. It's large for watercolor - 18x24" - and it's listed on my Etsy shop.

Much love to everyone. I spent an hour at a coffee shop this morning, and I wrote a bit. And it was lovely. I should do that more.

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