UK Tour, my kids in movies, love.

 Goodness, it's been almost a year! I've been updating folks over on my Patreon page, which is not entirely behind a paywall now that Patreon is offering a FREE tier. Join me there if you don't mind, please:) But that's not why I come to you today ... today I'm just updating because I realized there is a whole crew of you who still get updates when I post here and that may be the only place you receive my updates. So!

I'm going on a music tour in England and Scotland beginning January 31.
Tour dates and ticket info click here
I'm playing a lot of smaller towns this time, so take a look at this map and see if I'll be anywhere near you. 
If you can't be at a show, but you'd like to help out some indie musicians touring Kentucky music abroad, consider being a Tour Sponsor ... any amount buys us tour sustenance.

Steve Cooley, Banjo Legend, will be joining me on this trip, and we're thrilled to bring my quirky tunes and Steve's banjo pickin' to folk clubs and house concerts and even a couple of theatres all around Yorkshire, Merseyside, and Edinburgh.

Other life updates!

I was commissioned by the Governor of Kentucky to create the official artwork for his inauguration. I'm pretty proud of my art here ... strange that it's not music, but I'm beyond honored. Prints are available on my Etsy shop. (Did you know I make art? I've always done it, but I only started doing it professionally during COVID because music was a bust.)

Graham's film, Monica, had a great theatre release and is now making all the awards blogs as the most-snubbed-film of the year it seems ... not exactly the accolades one wants, but Hollywood doesn't seem to be ready for a trans-lead just yet. Shame! He's proud to be part of a film that is opening doors, nonetheless.

Angus's film, Unsung Hero, produced by For King & Country and distributed by Lionsgate, will be out April 26 in theatres everywehre. It's going to be huge ... like, really, really a big deal. He's even got a line in the trailer:

That's me with quick updates and sending lots of love to you!