Yorkshire - UK tour updates

Greetings from the Yorkshire Dales! Rehearsing in All Creatures Great and Small country (literally in the town where they film the show) for a few days. 

Friends! We arrived yesterday after a long travel day (10 hour layover in Atlanta, but I bought the plane tickets on credit card points and that's just how it goes). We flew into Manchester this time because our shows ended up being all in the north or in Scotland for this tour. I'm pretty bummed we couldn't make it down to the south to see pals Neil, Lou , Diana, Duncan,  Sid, and wow I could keep going with all the people I am going to miss this time round ... better planning next time, I think! But I'm thrilled with the people we *are* going to get to see.

When I first started touring in 2008, I did every tour with a different performer ... my favorite thing was bringing other Kentucky artists abroad, showing them off to the world. Steve Cooley was supposed to be a one-time thing, but it turned out that people turned out in DROVES to see him because: he's already a big deal over here. It also turned out he's a total delight to tour with, he ...

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