Updates, New EP, Patreon is amazing.

I put this in the world this morning. Check it
out on my Patreon page.
Both my kids are in some form of childcare this morning, which has not happened in 16 months, and I used the first hour to release a new EP to my Patrons. BAM! It feels good to have someone doing wholesome things with my kids, so I can work. So I can CREATE. Even if it's just me doing administrative stuff, it feels good to release music to the folks to support me directly. (No guilt trip intended, haha, though of course wouldn't today be a GREAT day to finally join my Patreon community?)

What a wild year it's been. I'm fired up and ready to start nailing down jobs for the 2022 -- tours, festivals, speaking engagements, really ANYTHING!

This weekend I'm actually completely booked up, working three jobs in three days, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Friday, June 11: virtual show for Cambridge Folk Club (UK)
Saturday, June 12: live outdoor show for YMCA conference in Berea
Sunday, June 13: private outdoor event 

Oh, live music! Seeing the eyeballs of actual listeners! Other musicians! I have missed you SO!

Quick cancer updates:
I had my last surgery related to my breast reconstruction last week, and I'm hoping to not do any more surgeries the rest of my life. My breasts are uneven and are different sizes, thanks to the first plastic surgeon who was apparently lazy and sloppy. I'm trying to remember that all breasts are uneven, so maybe my new fake ones are just realistic. Mostly, I don't care what they look like: I just wanted my DRESSES to fit again! And hallelujah, they DO! I can wear vintage clothing. I can wear cowboy boots. My guitar no longer feels weird to play. I haven't attempted the accordion yet, but I think it'll finally work like I remember :) 

Thank you all for the love!
Various ways to support me are all here: brigidkaelin.com/links and I appreciate every tip & good thought SO MUCH.