Cancer catch-up & what i've been up to

I'm still here. I had a surgery yesterday -- I'm hoping it's my final breast-cancer-related surgery, though the plastic surgeon wants to do one more to fix the crap-job that my original surgeon did on my left breast. I'm not sure if I care enough to go under anesthesia again. They have to give me SO MUCH that I'm groggy for months after. Brainfog no fun. So living with one saggy boob and one high boob might be my new normal and oh well. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, right?

In a few weeks, my body should be healed, though, and my dresses will fit again! I've not been able to wear them since my breasts were chopped off, and that has been oddly devastating. My dresses, particularly my vintage show dresses, make me feel comfortable and whole, and they remind me of life on STAGE! Oh how I miss the stage.

The night before my surgery, I actually played a GIG. A real gig in front of a real group of people. It was just background music for a dinner party, but it was the perfect way to ease back into performance. 

(Hello, do you need a background bluegrass trio for your next cocktail party?)

Anyway, just catching y'all up ... I've been MIA because I've been homeschooling my kids, and me doing screen-time is not a good role model. Graham's had a ton of auditions. Nothing booked, but we've had a BLAST learning more about self-taping and other fun skills. Both boys love to do stop-motion animations and edit short films on iMovie. It's been fun to watch them grow, and it's amazing how quick they are with technology. Angus (5) is doing 3rd-grade math and reads like a champ. Graham (8) is reading at college-level and is legit doing algebra, factoring, and super-long multiplication. They are little wonders, and I'm so grateful for them and their big brains and bigger hearts.

I've got a new album coming up. I wanted to release it this summer, but I think it'll be early fall before I can put it out. I'm trying to use some of that Patreon income to hire a publicist and proper team to release this album the right way. I want it to POP not fizzle out :) 

Thank you for sticking with me, and thank you SO much for the patreon support. It's kept my lights on while I've been trying to pay off 5-figures of medical debt, and it's helped me to hire other artists who have also suffered during pandemic.

If you've been thinking about joining Patreon, just do it now, please:) And if you're already a member of my community, then thank you and why not go check out some of the member-only posts I've made.

Some stuff I've done lately:

  • It's Mental Health Month, which I mainly know about because I recorded several "livestreams" for organizations that are bring attention to Mental Health stuff! You can watch one of them here: on the LiftUpLou page.
  • I've done some virtual concerts for European folk clubs. I'm SO ready to get back over there and sing for them in person.
  • I spent a weekend with Jeska Bailey Forsyth and played some glorious music with lots of harmonies. (There's a video on my Patreon page!)
  • I've daydreamed about hosting more backyard concerts.
  • I've tried to lose some weight because my oncologist insists. Unfortunately, same oncologist put me on a pill that makes me gain weight, so I'm just stable?????? Hormones are the worst.
  • I sang back up and played piano on another local artists new release. It's here:

I'll check back when I'm not on Percocet from being cut open for the SEVENTH time in less than a year. Cancer is the worst.

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