Art projects and commissions.

At some point in the last two weeks I started drawing again. It started because I wanted to do my own art therapy to try to control a new essential tremor I've developed since surgery. Weirdly, I can't control it very well when I'm playing piano, but when I'm drawing or painting, I'm able to slow it down a bit. 

My plan was to have date nights based around a watercolor project subscription box I ordered myself for Christmas. You know - like one of those paint & drink wine places, except at home because who is going out during a deadly pandemic? David and I did one of the watercolor tutorials together sometime after New Year's, and I was hooked. David, less so. 

He's supportive and tells me, "Yeah, that looks nice," at everything I ask for external validation on. But he's not really keen on more watercolor date nights.

Instead I've been creating my own projects. I've done three of the tutorials, but mostly I am re-discovering sketching. I've always loved drawing, especially architectural drawings. I don't have the patience to do the wild details of buildings, but I love sketching them anyway. 

Also, my uncle sent me a box of Blackwing 602 pencils, and they are AMAZING! I just want to draw all day long with them, and they don't smudge like the Ticonderogas I had been using. 

I've also taken a few commissions of house-drawings, which is a funny career-change for me, but I guess I'm just an artist? Musical and visual? Maybe? That feels so weird to say. Anyway, here is me being brave and saying that I will draw your house for $150. Each drawing takes many hours, so pricing is hard to figure out. But for now I'm doing black & white ink drawings on 9x12 paper for $150. I'll send a digital file too so you can create notecards or whatever with your home on it. 

The bonus of this is that it's been really good for my tremor -- neurologically-speaking, it's allowed me to focus my brainpower on not shaking so much. That I love.

Here are some finished projects and also some in-progress projects. These are all just-for-fun things I've been doing.

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