Sunday, January 29, 2012

Burns Night Festivities!

David and I have had our own makeshift Burns Nights the past few years, but this year we went to our first actual real official Scottish Burns Supper. It was hosted by the Business School, an organization clever enough to celebrate on a weekend night rather than the standard January 25th.

When we lived in Louisville, we made a vegetarian haggis on January 25 and called my friend Lyzz in Texas, who plays the bagpipes. Like I said, it was makeshift. The University supper was complete with many a kilt, a lone bagpiper, an address to the haggis (featuring witty poetry in Scots and enthusiastic stabbing of the haggis), plenty of whisky, and dancing. Before you meat-eaters jump down my throat telling me veggie haggis doesn't count, let me tell you that I've yet to find a menu in town that doesn't offer a vegetarian version. (Plus, it's really nutritious and quite tasty!) It was a grand evening.
In some respects, it seems like a Fourth of July for Scotland. They don't have a official Independence Day [YET] that I know of, so days like St. Andrews Day and Burns Night are good excuses to celebrate all that is Scottish. Technically, it's a day to celebrate Robert Burns, who was born on January 25. And celebrating all that is Robert -- whisky, poetry, song, lassies -- seems like a proper tribute to all that is Scotland.

I didn't do any dancing because dancing didn't even get started until 11:30pm -- late enough to be whisky-tired not whisky-frisky. I practiced my ceilidh calling in my head instead. In December, I attended a calling class where I became a pro at announcing the intricate steps to the Gay Gordons and the Dashing White Sergeant (okay, okay so those are the two easiest dances of all, but give a girl a break!). Anyway, I love dancing, but I was ready for bed after all that food. Believe it or not, I actually passed on the free drams (it was a blend -- bleghh!). I'll leave it to you as to whether I partook of the flask of Laphroaig that someone else may or may not have brought...

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