Crafty party ideas that are NOT mine because I am so not crafty.

I've got all these parties to plan, and Pinterest is making me feel bad about myself.

I'm sure you all know by now that Kate and Wills didn't mess around with George's birthday party (Happy birthday week, Georgie!), which was Peter Rabbit-themed. The wee boy is pretty into Peter Rabbit himself, so maybe we can just recycle George's party decorations this year. Kate, if you're reading this, I'll paypal you the money for shipping. xoxo.

Anyway ...

This weekend I'm hosting a baby shower. My co-host is definitely a Pinterest person. Thank goodness for that because I wouldn't even think about spending as much money as we are spending on gift bags and making monsters out of tissue paper and various other decorations that I can't even dream up. If it were up to me, we'd spend the entire budget on food and drink and maybe then get a live band.

But it's not up to me, and, apparently, baby showers do not have live bands (why not, I say??? I'm for hire to play baby showers!) and there is a great need for laundry lines decorated with various baby clothes pinned up around the house.

I may not understand it, but I am always impressed by my talented and design-blessed friends. Yes, I LOVE my Pinterest friends. In fact, I think most of my friends are a gazillion times more crafty than I could ever be, even in my best attempts. Today's blog is dedicated to them. Check out the cool things they have done:

How amazing is this? Seriously. Hank's daddy BUILT this wooden school-bus. I think I heard him say it was 8x4, if you're attempting to make your own. That's all I know about the specs though. I do know it's got working windshield wipes and a long bench for plenty of kiddos on the inside. (see below)
Check out those wipes, and that STOP sign! And the bench on the inside so the kiddos can look out the windows... I sang and led a little song circle at this birthday party, while all the kiddos
cuddled inside the bus. It was possibly the cutest thing ever.

This "treasure hunt" was from a Pirates and Princesses-themed birthday party. My friend, aka SUPERMOM, had the most fun activities all around the yard and house. Our favorite was just one of those metal bins filled with sand and various little toys -- rings and gold coins. See how the wee boy and David were both riveted:

And my friend Colleen, who is probably the craftiest one of all, served these amazing fruit-in-a-cone treats at a barbecue a couple of weeks ago. Seriously ... how does she think of this??? I'm trying to convince her to do a guest blog entry on here, wherein she creates meal plans and activities for us all. Are you in, Colleen? Yes, please?

Here is about as crafty as I can get... another cute setup for a song circle. Do not leave the saw unattended: