Friday, March 20, 2009

Skinny Jeans

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Hi, it's Aaron, guest blogging for Brigid.

We spent the day walking around Austin, TX at South By South West, or SXSW if your cool, or "South By" if your "in".

It's great being in the 80 degree weather and it's great being around all of this great music. There is something for everyone. And there are Skinny Jeans.

I'm terrified by this bit o' fashion. And there are thousands of skinny jean, vest, hat clad 20 and 30 something's running around. I just don't get it.
They cannot be comfortable, and I can't imagine being in them for the 12 hour days that can be had around here. Swampy.

Maybe this is the mystery of 30. I see my youth in this new style. The parts of the 80's that are in there are kinda cool. The Vans are awesome, I'm happy to have them back. But where did the skinny jeans come from?
It's a style i just can't get down with.

Ah me.

Check in tomorrow when we will force Brigid to do her own little blog.

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