Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Resolutions and Garrison Keillor

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One of my favorite blogs is on The Muckrakers' MySpace page. It's mostly Rob's doing, but occasionally Brian will sneak in a political or do-gooder post. It's always entertaining. Anyway, last year Rob's New Year's Resolution was to blog every day, a goal that pretty much only natural disaster or natural miracle (windstorms and childbirth) kept him from attaining. (Congrats, Rob!)

I thought about stealing that resolution for 2009, but then I remembered I don't make New Year's Resolutions.

It's not any sort of attitude problem that keeps me from from making them, although I assure you I do have an attitude problem. It's just a deadline thing for me.

With big lifetime goals, I work much better without pressure. With banal everyday things, I work much better with deadlines. I can write a song without a deadline. I cannot seem to get to the post office without ten Post-Its on various notebooks and steering wheels.

I can lose my cell phone without freaking out (New Year's Eve), but I scream at PhotoShop with all my lungs (this morning). I am ridiculous.

I do, however, seem to check off major lifetime goals.

And if I actually kept a list of such goals (it's in my head), I'd grab the biggest sharpie I could find to cross this one off: be a musical guest on A Prairie Home Companion.

Yep, lookout Garrison: Brigid's coming to hang with you this weekend.

Patty Loveless is also on the show. My good friend Shannon Lawson will be there as well, singing one song with me and wearing a big hat.

You can probably hear the live broadcast on your local NPR station, wherever that may be. You and ... four million other people will be listening! Tee hee hee, I'm giddy already.

I am stoked out of my mind. I've been fixing my website this morning, so if you notice that some of the links don't work or something, please let me know.

Okay, back to screaming at Photoshop...


P.S. If you're in Louisville and need a photographer, check out www.sniperphotography.com. Ryan Armbrust just took some great shots of me. He's fantastic.

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