Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sistine Chapel pix and Conclave time!

Conclave!! I know that I'm not the most likely person to be obsessed with the papal election, given that most of my knowledge of the Vatican come from a Dan Brown novel, much like most of my knowledge of Christianity comes from Jesus Christ Superstar. (Seriously though, I think Angels and Demons is a great read, and I don't care if you roll your eyes at that.)

Anyway, I woke up at 4am with the baby, and my first thought was, "Ooooooh! It's 9am in Italy. Conclave time!" If our television hadn't been stolen (along with David's cowboy boots and all of our booze), I would have absolutely been up watching live coverage at St. Peter's Square. Instead, I got a little bit more sleep and have had this on in the background since I woke up for real.

I thought I'd publish my photo of the Sistine Chapel ceiling -- one that probably looks exactly like the one you took when you were also trying to be sneaky and break the rules. It's a pretty awesome building. The coolest part (to me, anyway) is imagining Michelangelo hanging all upside down on scaffolding. I also think it would be pretty distracting to have all that magnificent art on the walls and ceilings during conclave. But then, maybe that's why I'm not a cardinal.

In my many google searches this morning, this was my favorite tour and informative look at the Chapel and conclave:

And if you need to watch live coverage, here's my favorite site:


  1. After the Pope election,the Sistine Chapel open to the visitors next Monnday March 18 th.

  2. great pictures

    thanks for sharing