Friday, March 1, 2013

Real, actual whisky in the faucet! (almost)

This article was sent to me by multiple friends and family members, who all have excellent senses of humor. It's kind of a travesty, but thousands of litres of scotch were accidentally flushed down the drain by mistake while some workers were cleaning equipment. Oops! That's worse than when that farm in South Africa accidentally released 15,000 crocodiles into the wild back in January.

Why did they send this link to me? Well, not just because they know I love whisk(e)y. If you don't follow my music, you don't know that I've got a song called "Whisky in the Faucet," a daydream about a similar accident.

If someone out there would care to make a YouTube video for the recorded tune, I'll give you twenty bucks. Instead, here's a live version of me singing that song at the Musicport Festival in England.

And because music is free nowadays, I might as well give away the recording from my first studio album. I think if you click "download," you should be able to get it in whatever audio format you wish. Savor your whisk(e)y, my friends!

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