New song out April 22 :) pre-save link now!

 TL;DR I'm off to England on April 26! Buy me a dram or litre of petrol here. New song out on April 22! Please pre-save by clicking here. (it's free).

I am so excited to release a new song just in time for Derby. It's called "Kentucky With You," and it's already been licensed for a statewide advertising campaign that I can't tell you about yet. But I'm releasing the song into the wild on April 22. (Patreon members have access to a sneak peak of the song NOW.

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If you've got a $0.99 and an iPhone, you can open iTunes on your phone, search "Kentucky With You" and pre-order my song. 

Steve Cooley
 and I are ready to play a 3-week run of shows in the UK. Covid is making this tour extra expensive, so if you'd like to sponsor any leg of our tour, tiers include:

I'm happy to do shoutouts on social media - or if you buy us a whisky, feel free to name your scotch and we'll post tasting notes.

Also, there are still some prints available of my Churchill Downs watercolor print, both on Etsy and RedBubble.

That's all! Thank you for the love.