Tuesday, July 11, 2017

3 Things I'm Digging this week.

Last time I did 5 things I was loving, but I'm not that creative today. Also, 5 Things is the name of a really great podcast that is, get this, going to be on of my 3 Things today, so let's try not to get confused.

1. Five Things. 

It's a podcast! It's from Louisville! It's from TARA. Tara is a wonderful person and a wonderful interviewer, and I've been digging her podcast. She interviews all kinds of people for this, but I've got to plug the one with Dennis Ledford. He has been playing guitar and bass for me for a few years now, but he's been around the Louisville music scene for a loooooooong time. He's the real deal -- killer musician and great human being. He's got a story for everything, and I enjoyed his interview tremendously.

2. Amazon Echo.

We have had our Echo for about two years now, I think? My dad got one first, and we referred to it as his robot. Now my kids are growing up with it -- we have an Echo and 3 dots around the house. They function as everything from a white noise machine ("Alexa, play 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald' on repeat.") to a joke-teller. Graham's stand-up routine consists of Alexa jokes. I like to ask it about the weather because that means I don't have to look at my phone and then be distracted by phone-nonsense.

fMy Kroger finally got this, and it comes with same-day timeslots, meaning I think I'm over the Instacart. Instacart was good, but their substitutions were a little pricey or wrong. Anyway, you can finally order groceries online, go pick them up and have someone deliver them straight into your vehicle. (I am excited to pull up into my Kroger with the wagon or my cargo bike!) Has anyone out there successfully gotten them to use paper or reusable bags? The amount of plastic is absurd, and I still like a good stroll through the market. But www.thefresh20.com + Clicklist is NICE and saves so much brainspace.

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