Wednesday, September 30, 2015

And a Happy Birthday to the Wee Boy!

While I was in Nashville working, my wee boy turned three. No guilt trips, please. I am still wrenching from having had to leave him at 9am on his birthday, don't worry.
Two cakes for the birthday boy. I baked and frosted from scratch, but had no energy left to paint ships and submarines.
Instead, we printed out some images and put them on with toothpicks. 

We didn't do a big bash, but some family came up from Texas to have a taco party. It was going to be a Dragons Love Tacos birthday party, but at some point the Wee Boy decided he needed to have another Yellow Submarine birthday cake. Then he also wanted a "Captain Ahab's Pequod Big Ship" cake, and because that is the cutest request ever, I baked him two cakes. I mean, how can you say no to a 3-year-old in a dragon costume?

The boy wore his dragon costume all the day long, just like you should when you're turning three. He played with the neighbor and opened some big gifts from grandparents. We got him two apple trees -- exactly what he asked for. I swear, this perfect little boy wants a Moby Dick cake and apple trees as a present. Could he be any cuter?

To stick with the taco party theme, I also cut out bunch of new cloth napkins with some festive Day of the Dead and Chili Peppers prints for all to use. (I absolutely despise paper napkins and paper towels for so many reasons -- another blog about that someday.) Anyway, it was a fun afternoon and kinda-sorta made up for the guilt I still feel about missing his actual birthday. Next year, NO WORK ON BIRTHDAYS!

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