Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I hereby throw my support to the YESSERS!

I know, I know, I try to keep politics out of my blog, and my English friends will hate me for this, but I'm hereby officially proclaiming myself as a YES supporter.

That might just balance out JK Rowling's influence to the NO campaign (we can still be friends, Jo!). 

This may come across as flippant, but I actually really am pretty excited about the prospect of Scottish independence -- and that's not just because I like Outlander. It also seems that, though my friends and I rarely spoke of politics while I was living in Edinburgh, pretty much all of my friends there are Yessers (is that a term? If not, bear with me ... i like "yesser" as a noun). I can tell this by the giant blue "YES" that has come to mark all of their Facebook profile pictures. 

I wish I was still living in Scotland for many a reason, but nowadays I wish I could be there to get a sense of what effect the impending vote is having on daily life. I see more and more articles shared on Facebook feeds. Having lived in a hugely divided America for most of my life, I understand how obnoxious and even obscene a political discussion can get, particularly between family members who disagree (and I'm not just talking UK/UofL here). At the same time, our daily life hasn't actually changed much here, no matter who is in political office. (Except that now my health insurance company can't drop me for a precancerous mole.)

And so to my friends in Scotland: enlighten us! Is there an excitement in the air? A nervousness? Are pubs harkening back to the days of the Enlightenment? Philosophical discussions over chips and a pint? Or are you just going about your daily business as usual? 

Also, please provide some talking points so I can convince my Loyalist husband that Scotland would be just fine on its own. Truthfully, I think he just wants the United Kingdom intact so that the Wee Boy can marry Prince George someday, and David can play polo with Wills while Kate and I go get our hair blown out. I want independence, so the Wee Boy can get a Scottish passport and we can all come back and give our tax money to the country that took such great care of us during my pregnancy. Although a nice blowout would be good too.

I guess it's a win/win for us. 

Countdown to September 18!

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