Monday, June 23, 2014

Tours and gigs and vegetables and the twitter.

Last week I played FOUR gigs. Seriously, people, that is more gigs than I've played in all of 2014 combined. They ranged from a 2000+ person show at the Palace Theatre with a musical hero of mine ... to background music gig at a garden party in a beautiful Victorian home. With a wedding and a small club show thrown in for good measure. I also somehow managed to do it while quasi-single-parenting (David was out of town) with the grandparents on vacation. Forgive me for boasting, but I feel rather accomplished in the time-management front.

Just don't ask me what's up with the laundry or how many vegetables my kid ate this week.

In other news, I'm working on booking a UK tour for Feb/March of 2015. I think. Anyone over there have a lead on a good gig? I love the Folk Club scene, but I know they book, like, 18 months in advance. But people ... talk to me about this. Force me to get these dates on the books, so I can have a real deadline for my new album. Want me to come play a house concert in your charming Cotswald cottage? (Sorry, been reading too many Agatha Raisin mysteries lately.) What about your family's castle (ahem, ahem, Lady D)? What about your off-the-beaten-path pub? I am so there! Let's talk.

Sorry my blog isn't so inspired. I've been saving my good stuff for the Twitter.

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