Monday, November 4, 2013

Some very revealing information.

I took some highly scientific online quizzes to let you know a little more about me, you know, in case anyone cares.

What city should you live in?
My results: Paris! (duh)

What is your mental age?
My results: 47
 I'm an old soul. Or at least an older soul...

What is your physical age?
My results: 33
 Whoo hoo! This was according to my health insurance vitality assessment. So why, then, am I charged a higher rate even though I'm two years younger than I should be? Grrrr .... another blog.

Briggs Meyers Personality Test
I vascillate between INTP and INFJ pretty regularly. Shocked that I'm an introvert, but love the stage? Ah, the wonders of the spotlight.

So who else is moving to Paris with me?


  1. I'm and ESTJ, but consider myself shy (though no one agrees with me. Being an introvert/extrovert has less to do with being outgoing or shy but about how we "charge our batteries." Have you ever heard of Strengths Finders? I coach in it and there is a way to take the test (not for free though) online. Normally it's $20, but I can get you a link for $10 if you were interested. It's quite possible you have "Significance" as a strength. Another good free one to take online is the DiSC profile. You can find it here:
    These are both, by far the two I love best - much better than Meyer's Briggs. Happy self-discovery!!

    1. Yes! I am not shy, but being at a party is completely exhausting to me. Alone time is my best re-charger.
      I have taken the Strengths Finders test before ... digging up my results now... Ideation

      Haven't taken the DiSC profile though -- sounds cool!!

    2. I have to believe that you have Significance in your top 10 if you were to take the full test. :) Mine were WOO, Communication, Activator, Relator and Positivity. :) But I'm pretty sure I should have connector and empathy as supporting roles. Hope you enjoy the DiSC; it's more about values and behavior styles. Together, I think DiSC and SF are the best for self-improvement and understanding and bettering relationships, both personal and professional.

    3. Nice! Is the full test different than what I took? I took whatever came with the book several years ago. It was part of a continuing ed thing for teaching.