Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Busy busy weekend & Headliners setlist.

What a busy weekend! I had a rehearsal, a recording session, a birthday party, a retirement party, and a FULL BAND SHOW AT MY FAVORITE STAGE IN LOUISVILLE! Sorry for the shouting, folks, but it has been years since I played a full band show at Headliners. And years since I played a PUBLIC full band show in the United States. That calls for some capital letters.

Lots of folks were out there with cameras, and here's one of my faves. It was taken by the mother of Holly Stewart, whose music you should check out, especially if you're in Nashville or NYC.

It was great fun. Here's a setlist, for those of you keeping track of that sort of thing. I played some tunes you haven't heard before, unless you are in my band. If anyone out there took any video, would you please send it to me? I wish I'd thought to hire someone for the evening. I need more videos of me and my band!

Headliners September 1, 2013

Whisky in the Faucet
Get your hands off my Man
You make me go to church
Something Bad/Watch Out
Done With All that Now
Gypsy Lover 
Future Mr Used to Be
Hold me like that old guitar
Yesterday - musical saw
Kentucky Waltz
Annie Oakley
Now... where am I playing next?
I'll be playing some solo accordion for a couple of hours at THE BIG HUSH ... a secret party this coming Saturday, September 7. Details below.

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