Friday, July 19, 2013

Birth costs HOW MUCH??? #royalbaby

Did you read in the tabloids that the swanky private hotel room in which Kate is supposed to deliver costs a shocking £1000 a night?! That's shocking to the British because it's £1000 ($1500) a night more than most women over there expect to pay for a hospital stay (I didn't pay a cent for the birth of my wee boy). And it's shocking to American women because it would be cheaper to buy a first class plane ticket to London, have a baby in the exact same hospital suite, and pay out of pocket for all that of that, than it would to have a baby in an American hospital.

In fact, if I ever have another baby, I think I'll do just that. Fly first class, rent a flat in London for a month, deliver at St. Mary's Hospital in Kate's swanky birthing suite. It's a lot more fun to spend money on that than writing checks to a US hospital.

I figure:
$1500 for a decent apartment in London.
Maybe 2 nights in the hospital (though I only spent one there last time because I was fine, and I wanted to go home). So $3000 -- maybe half that if it's another natural birth, and all's well.
Economy class plane ticket: $1100
Business class plane ticket $1800
First class plane ticket: $2900

Yeah, that's $4100-$5600 total to travel economy class, pay rent $5900-$7400 to travel first class.
in London for a month, and have a baby. Even if the newspapers' estimates of Kate staying for a few days and paying upwards of $15,000, that's still cheaper than it would cost on my current insurance plan.

So tell me: how much did YOUR birth cost?

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  1. I had really REALLY good insurance so OOP it was about $1000. I think in total, our hospital bill was about $30-40,000.