Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Haters and that PPD blog: Never read the comments!

It's probably a good thing I retired from my journalism career when I was 23 (did you know I used to work for network news? another blog perhaps...) because my skin isn't nearly thick enough to handle that. Truthfully, it's a lot thicker than I thought.

Last week's blog on PPD got over 2000 views the few hours and I received countless messages from women around the world who thanked me for the post and shared their own struggles (one even suggested I sponsor the post so that even more women would see it -- I did, though I'm not sure if that did any good because I don't really understand Facebook stats). Anyway, it was an amazing response, and further supported my point: that so many more new mothers are suffering than ever let on in public.

As with anything that goes slightly viral, however, there were haters out there. Either my medication is working times ten or I'm just not bothered by idiots anymore because, for the most part, I found the haters amusing -- especially because they were pretty much all posted by anonymous men.* (and not on my blog, but on some other weird forum)

I know the new first rule of internet journalism is "never read the comments" (but again, I retired from journalism years ago), but I couldn't resist being a voyeur on a message board people with men who called me a "punk-ass bitch" and a "whiny woman," all the while talking about "period parties" and how the writer (me!) should "shut her mouth and do her job, no?" Part of me wanted to respond to every jab individually, especially those who assumed that I lead some privileged life or don't work. Instead, I took some deep breaths, giggled, and looked away, resisting every urge to defend myself or troll around. It's not worth it.

Still, we wonder why so many women are quiet about PPD... 

In retrospect, it's not really a laughing matter.

* I also got plenty of messages of support from men, so I know it's not that simple.


  1. I think it is some people's hobby to write nasty comments "anonymously" on any and ALL subjects. Nothing is off limits to insult and judgement! I read some horrible breaking news story about the Boston marathon and there were loads of comments againt Americans (terrible in and of itself but also totally disregarding how international the marathon is) and also anti marathon (and all this time I had no idea that some people minded that others liked to run!). So, good on you for ignoring that garbage. It has nothing to do with you or even PPD, and CLEARLY you have much better ways to spend your time!