Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Draft posts, birth, baby playing.

I'm feeling better, y'all. I've got a shiny new (albeit used) computer to replace my precious drowned Macbook, and I'm actually feeling like writing again. The problem now is that I'm completely overflowing with things to say.

I've still got about ten blogs in draft in my series on "Having a Baby Abroad" and the NHS. I'm trying to decide just how personal to get. Birth stories aren't really my thing, but many of you have asked about it. I also feel someone obligated to share what I learned during the process, seeing as I feel like I could write a dissertation on the subject of childbirth. Most American women I've talked to seem scared and baffled and intent on having as much medical intervention as possible. That seems pretty backwards to me, especially when America has worse infant and maternal mortality rates than other developed nations. I came to my opinion from the opposite end of the spectrum, however, and I don't want to sound preachy. Still, I feel like childbirth is a huge feminist issue, and y'all know how strongly I feel about health care systems...

And so my blogs sit in draft.

But I digress ... there is music, and there are babies. Those are the two things on my mind of late. Both are pretty great, to be honest.

Are y'all on Vine? It's my newest addiction. @davidcaldwell44 is on there too.

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