Friday, August 3, 2012

Edinburgh luxury: Afternoon Tea at the Balmoral.

I feel a bit guilty that I'm creating far too many distractions for David and his, no big deal, dissertation, but we have been having all kinds of adventures lately. I would blame these supposed 'last few weeks of child-free freedom,' but I'm pretty sure even without that time limit, I'd still be a distraction. I mean, we live in Scotland! There are afternoon teas to take! Castles to storm! Tattoos to attend!

Here are a few pics from Afternoon Tea at the Balmoral Hotel, where D & I had a late lunch  for our anniversary. It was a gift from my parents and was something we'd wanted to do for a long time. It was posh, but not too posh, in that most of the people there were clearly tourists tired from a long morning of balancing on cobblestones. We actually felt like locals and spent a luxurious hour-plus daydreaming about what it would be like to have a tea like this everyday, served by our "staff" in our estate. It's nice to pretend you're upstairs at Downton Abbey for an hour.  Kudos to the excellent staff of the Balmoral, who didn't bat an eye at serving two vegetarian teas with no unpasteurized cheese (a wheel of camembert will be my first postpartum indulgence).

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  1. That looks sooooooo delicious... Very jealous right now. ;-) And I am with you on the cheese...