Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday wrap-up. Eating my way around Edinburgh.

David said he liked my birthday because, "All you like to do is have fun on your birthday." I'm easy that way. I don't want presents. I just want to frolic about and enjoy the day. Just as I predicted, we had gorgeous sunshine, and we soaked it up all over town. Sure it was a high of 66*, but that was roasting in Edinburgh.

Some things that make having fun in Edinburgh a bit easier:

1. An unlimited bus ticket. At £3.50 you can ride all the city buses all day long. You can take it one stop or fifty, and it's all the same. The sense of freedom that comes with a dayticket is most excellent.

2. A fun partner. But find your own; David is mine.

3. A box of cupcakes and a watermelon. We picked up a wee sugar baby watermelon at Earthy, and grabbed a wee selection of gourmet cupcakes from Cuckoo's Bakery. David carried them around with us all day long until we found the perfect picnic spot in Princes Street Gardens.

3. An appetite. This is key.

All I wanted for my birthday was to spend the entire day eating yummy foods from yummy restaurants. This is usually what I want, but it's somehow "okay" this year because I'm so very pregnant. The bad thing is that my stomach is all crunched up because of this wee Scot, so I'm not able to actually eat as much as I want to. That's where #2 on the list comes in -- share everything with your fun partner.

Our food stops?

9am Breakfast in bed. Half a bagel and some fruit. We needed energy to kickstart our appetites!

11am Elevensies at Earthy, where we shared a scone with butter and jam.

11:30am Cupcake shopping spree at Cuckoo's Bakery. We bought four (but I only ended up eating half of one). Save for afternoon sweet treat. I'll make this photo extra-large, so you can properly examine the cupcake treats.

3pm The Baked Potato Shop on the Royal Mile. My sentimental Edinburgh favorite. They've recently raised their prices, but it's still a great deal. David and I shared a baked potato with cheese and vegetarian haggis, eating it on a bench outside The Tron in the glorious sunshine.

4:30 pm Time for a sweet treat! We found another park bench in Princes Street Gardens and split one cupcake and part of a watermelon.


5:30pm Relax with a refreshing drink on a sidewalk cafe -- you know, like you do in Europe!

7pm TexMexII! I know, you think there's no good Mexican food in the UK, and, mostly, you are correct. But this place manages to do a fantastic job, and it's where we go for a taste of home.

8pm Drinks (well, orange juice for me) with super-good friends at our local pub. We laughed and stayed out past my bedtime talking about everything from Robert Louis Stevenson to Judy Garland.

I did one more fantastic thing on my birthday -- a surprise gift from David (though I told him not to!!) -- but that'll wait for another blog. It deserves its own day.


  1. Great pics! Have a good time:)

  2. Good TexMex in Europe? So freaking jealous. :-) That is the first thing I want when I get back to the states. The potatoes and cupcakes are also very very appealing....

    1. So funny... yes, when I flew home a few months ago, my first stop at the Newark airport was Qdoba for some queso. I mean, it was only Qdoba and it was divine!

  3. oh and I should add yours truly downed an entire watermelon in one sitting yesterday. I claim pregnancy for my excuse!

    1. My favorite food ever! I do miss a drool-worthy southern ripe watermelon, but at least the ones over here have seeds. The seedless kind back home weird me out.