Monday, April 23, 2012

Edinburgh Cake Ladies Cupcake Bake-Off!

Ever since I returned from that month-long music tour, I've had trouble dragging myself out of the house. It seems silly, especially when the only reason my shows are successful is when other people drag themselves out of their houses to come hear me. If they can do it, so should I, right? Yesterday I managed not just to leave the house, but to leave my neighborhood ... all for the sake of cupcakes.

I'll do a lot for a good cupcake. Back when I lived 60 stairs up, I would make a special trip to the bakery, assuming my 60-up/60-down exercise routine balanced it out. Yesterday, however, was more than just a good cupcake. It was a charity event hosted by the Edinburgh Cake Ladies ... a cupcake BAKE-OFF!!

Sofi's Bar in Leith was packed solid with bakers and tasters, drooling over the 14 cupcake varities that dotted the bar. I don't think I would have had a problem eating 14 cupcakes on my own, though David and I had already agreed to at least cut them in half if we were entitled to a whole one. Seven cupcakes is a little better than fourteen, right? At least on your stomach.

But because there were so many tasters, the volunteers (hats off to you!) had to cut up the cupcakes into teeny tasting bites and pass them around butler-style one at a time. It was kind of torturous, but it did prevent me a lot of indigestion. Also, I was able to sit down on the bus ride home without unbuttoning my pants (that's trousers for you UK folks), so it all worked out.

We didn't stick around until the end because we had to be somewhere else, but it was a fun event. The Cake Ladies raised a lot of money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and I got a good sugar rush. Everyone's a winner.

See what happens when you muster up the energy to drag yourself off the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Oooooh, speaking of Sunday afternoons, I feel like giving away an MP3. So if you don't already have it (thank you to those who do!), here's a freebie.  

And if you're in the Edinburgh area and like cake, consider joining the Cake Ladies for a future event. Details are all on their website. I try to attend when I can, but a lot of their events seem to be RSVP with limited numbers ... with my crazy music schedule, I just never know when I'll even be in town. But you planners (and I think that's most of you) would love it, and  maybe I'll see you at one of them!

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  1. Thanks for the write up B, it was a great day!

    1. Had a great time! Good to see you... Hope to catch up when you're not busy cutting a million cakes:)