Thursday, January 5, 2012

Movies, Intermissions, and Gone With The Wind.

I'm a big believer in intermissions. Movies are fun, but they've gotten way too long over the past ten years. Ninety-three minutes is about my limit. Any longer, and I think an intermission should be required. A well-traveled friend told me that many movie theaters in Switzerland have intermissions, AKA ice-cream breaks, in movies no matter what the length. Consider it a seventh-inning stretch -- a chance to refill that extra-large popcorn you didn't think you'd finish and use the loo.

David and I watched "Gone With The Wind" a couple of nights ago. He streamed it from Lovefilm as a joke, knowing there was no way in hell I'd agree to watch it. My basic two requirements of movies we watch at home are 1) they need to be less than two hours and 2) they don't make me think in the slightest. Boy, did I shock him when I got excited about GWTW.

I hadn't seen it in probably ten years, and David has -- get this -- NEVER SEEN IT.* I know, right? It made for a nice evening in our living room pillow fort. Plus, there was the actual intermission, several other self-imposed intermissions, and witty commentary from me. Well, that probably annoyed him, but do I like to browse IMDB on my phone while watching movies and share bits of trivia.

For example, we already know that both Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz were released in 1939, but did you know that they had the same director? If I were Victor Fleming, I would have retired after that year. I mean, how can you top that?

What's your favorite scene? I like the part in the beginning when all the women have to take naps during the party, while the men stay downstairs, drink, smoke cigars, and talk about war. I think Kentucky Derby parties should adopt similar policies.

*He also watched The Sound of Music for the first time last Christmas, at my insistence. WTF?!?

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  1. David was not alone, but I guess I am now. I have not seen either GWTW or Sound of Music.