Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dangers of internet horse racing.

FWT and I have been getting the house ready for all our houseguests this weekend, as Derby time always brings in faraway friends. I've decided I am not really a grownup unless all four dining room walls have paint on them. Also, I'm no longer okay with piles of stuff, and I prefer them to at least be stowed away in the basement if I'm unable to organize the clutter. I desperately want a housekeeper (although not as much as I want a dishwasher), but that's not going to happen until I sell a few more downloads. (hint hint)

Today was a productive morning. It had to be to make up for yesterday, when we remembered our accounts. Saturday is the Kentucky Derby for those of you on another planet, and we needed to make sure wherever we watch the race, we'll be able to gamble legally. Bookies don't take the kind of bets I'm prepared to make, plus I grow weary of the part where you have to break somebody's kneecaps to get your winnings. And so the magic of the internet sparkles with the online horse racing sites.

Yesterday, instead of dusting, we sat around the dining room table with our open laptops and watched some turf races in the UK and steeplechases in Australia. It only takes two clicks to wager, and this is dangerous, folks. I was so close in every race, calling the winner every time, but getting greedy by betting exactas rather than win/place/show.

This is especially dangerous when you own an iPhone. Even if you're going to the track on Saturday, it might be easier to stay in your seat and bet from your phone than to deal with the lines at the betting windows.

Anyway, today I haven't watched a single race, but I did finish painting the dining room. I am truly a grownup now, albeit one with a growing gambling problem. I mean, I lost $4.00 yesterday. That's 5 MP3 downloads! (hint hint)

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