Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nerd alert.

It's getting busy, and I'm finding it difficult to write songs and blogs -- "and" being the key conjunctive there. I can write songs, or I can write blogs, but doing both in the same few days seems impossible. Do other writers out there have similar problems? My poet friends, what say you?

Anyway, I keep a list of things to blog about when I'm not feeling inspired. Today I bring you a website that will blow your minds: www.j-archive.com

No, it's nothing like J-date and has nothing at all to do with the Jews (Happy Purim, everyone, by the way -- sorry I forgot to deliver Hamantaschen this year).

Somebody has gone to all the trouble to archive EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF JEOPARDY! It's created by fans, for fans, and has no association whatsoever with Jeopardy Productions.

Some thoughts:

- I love that each episode is titled. It's not just titled by date or season, but it's titled with the contestants' names, as in: Ryan Stoffers vs. Nick Yozamp vs. Surya Sabhapathy.
- The questions (answers) are hidden, and you have to rollover with a mouse to reveal them, allowing an online visitor to guess appropriately.
- The waging calculator is brilliant ... allowing you to input all three contestants' earnings and see a mathematical explanation and suggestion for what each contestant should wager in Final Jeopardy.
- It's great to be able to keep up your skillz when you are someone who really just dislikes watching TV (that would be me).
- There is what's called the "Coryat Score," which is a the players score if there is no penalty for incorrect answers, for each game. Totally nerdy. And two-T's hott.

Anyway, have some fun poking around on that site. Also, in typing this blog, I think I have decided on my new dream job: Clue Crew!

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