Sunday, July 12, 2009

Review 7.12

I'm trying to re-discover the weekend. It's a weird thing being both self-employed AND a musician. People seem to think I'm available at all times day and night. I'm trying to maintain some "off-work" hours, which is difficult, but has a huge impact on my personal life. I guess everyone has that balance, but most people have those hours defined for them.

Now for review. Let me remind you kind folks reading on Facebook that you can subscribe to the RSS feed ( and thus see all of my fun BOLD thing.

Troy --My yard is definitely getting cuter and cuter by the hour. I feel like it's somehow possible to watch those pumpkins creep across the grass. Also, I like your idea on my future fans ... i should maybe start doing all kinds of "nerd camp" visits.

Bluegrassrom -- Rachael Ray's got nothing on me, hee hee. Except that she can cook meat. And I have no idea how to cook meat.

Alex -- I think I'm playing with John for LTC. Tell him he has to pay me well though because that's my birthday weekend.

Glenna -- How was your Goshen party?

Marty -- I totally forgot about that song. Should have been singing it all the way down the slide.

Lee -- "Nerd girls are sexy" hee hee hee.

Cody -- I agree. And it's not like they are really all that dirty, just suggestive double entendres.

Kelly -- I am working on some sort of New England tour. If you've got any ideas for particular cities or venues, please send them along...

Christi -- What's even funnier is that I purposefully did NOT even sing those tunes. I thought they would be inappropriate ...

Vicki -- Saint Brigid t-shirts would probably not sell as well as we think ... hee hee

Neil -- I can't imagine what your kids would have done to incite four-letter words, ha. Personally, I can't believe how well teachers hold themselves together day in and day out.

LeeAnn -- I had completely forgotten about the racquetball scandal. And you're right ... we caught on to EVERYTHING.

Jessi -- Yeah, I was a music focus at GSP too ... actually I think I chose that because you told me how awesome it was. Definitely feelin' the age this year. Aris told me that he had been working at GSP for exactly 17 years ... and that this year's scholars were born the same year he took the job.

Mike -- You're probably right about that. Maybe i should start singing about rainbows and puppies if I want people to stop listening.

Kampschaefer -- Where have you been hiding? I haven't seen you in agews.

Meredith -- I'll make something with Rooster sauce in it for you. It's not really made of rooster.

Janet -- Yeah, I feel like someone once asked me to participate in a cookbook, then I never heard anything again about it. What's happening?

Tara -- Food-throwing steps will now become part of every recipe. Somehow.

Margy -- I'm glad to hear that even folks with families have problems not eating out. Maybe it's the ease and convenience of life in the Highlands... it's too easy to grab a falafel or Pad Thai and it's cheaper to do that than to buy all the ingredients.

Laura Roberts - How are your squash doing? Did you trim them back?

Jenny -- Same thing ... did you find a solution for that obnoxious stiltgrass?

Liz -- Liam and Grady are absolutely invited to the pumpkin patch for Halloween.

Kyle -- Deliver me some squash! I'm at DC's this afternoon. Come on over.

Brit - We'll have pumpkin soup for sure.

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