Monday, June 29, 2009

Where the Local Beer is Heineken.

Congratulations, Wayne. Somehow it makes total sense that you are the one who guessed correctly.

I went to Amsterdam for the weekend.

That is so awesome to type, that I'm going to type it again: I went to Amsterdam for the weekend.

Tuesday was an awesome day in Nashville. Wednesday was a crappy day when I found out Tim didn't have long to live. So Wednesday night, Friend-with-a-Truck -- who had also had a bad day -- and I decided that eating a crêpe in Paris would cheer us up.

I called Friend-who-works-for-Delta (I don't have a Trust Fund, but I DO have a o% interest credit card and a friend in the airline business), and asked what the chances were for a stand-by flight to Paris. Not a chance. Flights were booked.

But then she said, "Amsterdam is open. Wanna go there?"

I'd never been to Holland before, and it sounded like a good idea. So we left Thursday at 8:00 pm, slept on the plane, woke up refreshed at 9:30 am in The Netherlands, and giggled about how crazy we were, especially since we'd borrowed the Smart Car for the drive to Cincinnati. We failed to tell Friend-with-a-Smart-Car, however, that we were driving to the Cincinnati airport and leaving the Smart in long-term parking for the weekend.

It turns out that Amsterdam was the perfect weekend getaway. Paris is too big and would have been overwhelming. We walked all over Amsterdam, saw all kinds of museums, ate chocolate waffles and Nutella™ crêpes and pommes frites with mayonnaise and Dutch cheeses (real meals were too expensive, so we just grabbed food from little shoppes when we were hungry), and giggled the entire weekend about how no one knew where we were.

We were there all of Friday and Saturday, and left Sunday at noon, arriving back in Cincy at 3. I went to bed early and woke up Monday morning completely refreshed. I no longer believe in Jetlag.

I have 15 Euros left, and I'm not changing them back to dollars. It's just too easy to slip away for the weekend.

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  1. Amsterdam! I so did not see that coming!! Good for you! My ex-boyfriend's father is from the Netherlands. I hope you got to go to some of the Kaffe houses and sample some herbs. I hear that the brownies are divine!