Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dinosaurs, doctors, and deductibles, oh my!

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At one point last week, I changed my Facebook status to: "Brigid 's back hurts. massage? acupuncture? chiropractor? suggestions?"

With the state of health care in this country, I am completely against actually going to the doctor. I prefer to maintain an active vegetarian-mostly-vegan lifestyle and think away my pain. Thankfully, bourbon is vegan. A little vice is always nice.

Anyway, chiropractors frighten me. It sounds like a type of dinosaur. The mighty Chiropractus Rex hides behind the trees as it stalks its prey, silently awaiting the moment it will snap its victim's neck.

My self-employed deductible is way too high, and I hear chiropractors suck you into multiple visits. If I'm going to have multiple visits somewhere, it's going to be somewhere I get to lie down and have someone rub my back for an hour.

Enter: Cousin Pami. Yes, she's my cousin. I think she's my 2nd cousin, once-removed, technically. Which maybe means we could get married in Vermont.

She's an ├╝ber-popular massage therapist in town, and she fit me in for an emergency Office Visit last week. It turns out I hold a lot of tension in my butt. Maybe that's why it has gotten larger lately.

I've gotten many a massage over the years, but Pami is who I call when I'm in pain. And she fixes it. She has these magic fingers.


I went swimming the day after the massage, and I feel a lot better this week. No need for acupuncture and definitely no need for the Chiropractus Rex.

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