Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Soup from the tribe.

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Your grandma may think that it's the chicken stock that cures your sniffles, but I'm telling you it's the matzoh balls. Chicken soup is nothing without the matzoh balls.

Friend-with-a-Truck is sick, and I took it upon myself to deliver some homemade matzoh ball soup last night.

Here's the thing though: as we all know, I am a vegetarian. I discovered years ago that it doesn't take chicken stock -- or even that gross imitation schmaltz -- to make delicious soup. And by process of elimination (or "POE" for those of you studying for the SAT), since the matzoh ball soup still heals, even sans chicken, then it must be the magic matzoh that is the cure-all.

Unfortunately for Friend-with-a-Truck, he has not yet tasted the magic Jew Soup -- something about the illness and his appetite -- and is thus, still sick in bed. Silly gentiles.

I, however, am armed with extra matzoh balls and lots of orange juice. I will not get a cold, nor will I get the scurvy. Get well soon, Friend-with-a-Truck. Or I might come liberate the rest of those fourteen matzoh balls.

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