Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cowboys and Volvos

My brake lights don't work. At all. It's not the bulb, and it's not the fuse. From my discussion with the boys at Auto Zone on Charlotte Avenue, I've narrowed it down to a) the brake light switch or b) a mysterious Swedish disease that Volvos get. The boys at AZ had faith that I could fix the brake light switch myself, as it's only a $10 part. All I had to do was remove the dash under the steering wheel, feel up the brake pedal, and adjust the nut on the switch.

My dad is probably freaking out reading this because it's actually his car I'm talking about here. We switched about a year ago because my keyboard doesn't fit in my Acura, but it fits in his Volvo wagon. Well, don't worry, Dad, I wasn't able to get the dash off. I got one of the screws out (i think it's in my pocket now), but i couldn't get the other one off. After several hours of frustration, I gave up, and I'm going to JR's on Monday when I get back to Louisville. IF I get back to Louisville without being rear-ended.

This is annoying to be because I SHOULD be able to fix this. Why don't I know about cars? Why didn't I spend my youth under the hood learning how to change brake pads and oil? Why had I never heard of a brake light switch until yesterday. What good was a childhood spent practicing piano and reading books if I can't change my tail light? Hmpf!!

Anyway, after I gave up on fixing my car, I went to a fabulous house concert last night. I knew the folks throwing the party, but really didn't know anyone else in the room, except my ol' pal, Cowboy Jack. So I sat next to him, and we discussed the different kinds of musical saws I've got in my trunk (or wagon, i should say). And what he's been up to lately. I kind of wish he was my grandpa. Anyway, it was good to see him again. He's so fun to talk to you, you forget you're talking to a legend.

The music was good too. It was Korby Lenker, whom I'd met in Boulder and again in Nashville, but who I had never heard live before, Carey Ott, and Jason Harrod.

Great writers and performers, plus Lori's amazing macaroni-and-cheese, and good friends = a good evening. When does the shine of this city wear off? People keep telling me it will.

Back to Louisville tomorrow. First stop: JR's. Too bad no one will be able to tell that I'm stopping. Maybe I'll bust out the old hand signals.

Almost forgot to include this video. Peter Searcy's single, "I Believe," has been featured on Lipstick Jungle in NBC and will be on Oprah Winfrey's primetime show next month. Here's the new video for it. I play the part of the "Hot Chick Bass Player." And YES, I'm playing the right notes:

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