Monday, September 17, 2007


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Peter Searcy, Steven O'Reilly, and I spent the last week in a sweet high-top conversion van, spoiled by air conditioning AND a DVD player.

I'm still a little tired, so this blog will likely not be the most exciting or clever. Apologies in advance.

vignettes & interesting things learned from the road:

-The trip began in a sketchy Econolodge between Dayton and Columbus. We didn't get to the hotel until 2 am and were immediately approached by Drunk Guy, who saw we had a van full of equipment. I thought about volunteering to sleep in the van to protect it, but then Drunk Guy and his Hooligans would have found two guitars AND a redhead. We decided that was not much of a deterrent, so Deputy Drummer O'Reilly slept in the van.

- Apparently if you are in a band, and can donate a CD, you can get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for free. Unfortunately, for the first time in my life, i was caught without a CD. And the museum was only open for 30 more minutes anyway, which i spent in the gift shop, buying postcards to send to Peter & Steven's wives.

- The drive from Cleveland to Albany, along Lake Erie and through upstate new York, is absolutely beautiful.

- Still true: If i could live anywhere in Manhattan, I would choose Brooklyn Heights.

- I thought i had found happiness with Louisville bagels, but i am once again back to former New Yorker snobbery. No more bagels unless i'm in Brooklyn.

- The Shenendoah Valley is breaktaking.

- I really wanted to stop off at the Woodrow Wilson library, but we didn't have time. Instead, i pulled out the laptop loaded with the World Book Encyclopedia, and Peter and I learned all about Woodrow. We then went back to G-Dub the First (George Washington, duh!) and got all the way up to John Quincy Adams. It seems that all of these Founding Fathers married wealthy widows, which allowed them free time to sit around and philosophize about a new country. Thus, without the money of their women, America would be a very different place.

Thursday we leave for Atlanta -- look for Peter on Good Day Atlanta on Friday morning. Friday night we play Birmingham. Saturday we're back in Atlanta.


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