Deep thoughts on the after-times, performing, humanity.

Sitting at a coffeeshop (masked) in Louisville with my laptop for the first time in literally years, and whoah does it feel good/strange to be here writing. It has frustrated me that people seem to have given up on COVID precautions and just resigned themselves to, "Oh, but my family will probably be fine if we get it." While I understand that on some level, that phrase just feels wildly selfish to me, and it's been devastating to my faith in humanity. I like to think that people are generally good. That we care about each other. That if our neighbor needed help, we could gather all forces and swoop in. The past 2.5 years have shown me otherwise. 

We care about people as long as they are not disabled, immuno-compromised, or old.

And so I sit here, masked, trying to hammer out emails, writing, accounting, thank you notes, blogs, posts, responses, tiktoks, reels, lists, etc ... but I'm nervous to even post this blog, knowing full well the eye rolls I'll get in the comments. (Thank you for refraining - thank you for just letting me whinge into the ether.)

My UK tour was a total success, and I am SHOCKED that I cam back healthy. I masked except when singing, and despite several exposures, I escaped unscathed. It was glorious to sing to people again. 

I recognize that dichotomy between wanting to stick to all COVID precautions and also wanting to perform again in public. 

I also know that I will never perform again as I used to. I've become very picky about what jobs I accept. I need to only accept gigs that are either a) great for my career or b) pay a lot of money. There is no room for in between, especially not in a country where one hospital stay could bankrupt any family.

It's been a while since I blogged, and I miss this space. I miss the wee community I built. I never get more than a few thousand views, but it's nice to know someone is reading. And let's face it: if a few thousand people turned up to hear me sing, that would be INCREDIBLE. So thank you for reading my words.

Releasing new music has been great ... I'm looking to plan another UK tour for 2023, and I'm ready to go ahead and get that on the calendar. If I missed your town this time, please get in touch. No town is too small ... I adore London, but I prefer being the main event in a small town, rather than being one of a thousand events in London. 

I'm also trying to plan an album release, but my record label seems to not be prioritizing me. I get it. I'm no Jack Harlow, but I also can't shake this need to create and release and repeat. 

So look out for an album release and, I hope, an art show to sell some of the paintings and illustrations I've been working on. I'm opening up some house-portrait commissions. If you'd like to order one, please get in touch. Sizing and prices are here.

Here are some of the quick sketches from my UK tour. It was fun to keep a sketchbook rather than a journal this time:

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