Christmas movie blogger and emergency surgery tales!

So much for being a Bad-Christmas-Movie Blogger. Anesthesia steals my focus, and I just don't have the energy to watch The Princess Switch: Switched Again! 

To catch up, here's what I did watch, before I stopped the pain pills and couldn't focus anymore.

  • The Princess Switch: 

    This was my first attempt at watching a bad movie with my kids. Angus doesn't really care for movies, so about halfway through he jumped ship to go read or color or slice imaginary fruit something. I don't know what he was doing because I was too involved in a Prince/Pauper/Parent-Trap kind of story. I LOVE this plotline. The script was really cheesy. There was a Baking Contest. There were two love stories. There was a cheeky kid, and there was a tiara. Solid. 

    I do think that skipping right to the wedding at the end means a huge missed opportunity for another whole film. (The film when the wedding is planned, but something threatens to stop the ceremony!)

    Graham (8) really loved it, and that was super fun. It's different from watching it with David though because I don't want to make fun of something that Graham genuinely likes. 

  • A Princess for Christmas

    FIRST THINGS FIRST: This movie stars Sam Heughan.** I did not know this until his character appeared, and I let out a shriek that made David come rushing to make sure I was okay. 
    Honestly, I don't remember much about the movie because Sam's twinkly eyes and Scottish accent are very distracting. 

    ** Sam Heughan has a fabulous new book out called Clanlands. It's a memoir about traveling all around Scotland and sampling whisky and touring battlefields and having grand adventures. I highly recommend it as a COVID escape read. Or a Christmas gift for a friend who loves Outlander or Scotland or just a light read. Buy it here.

  • A Christmas Inheritance

    I wanted to like/hate this one more. I think it was maybe trying to be actually good, ergo it didn't land. I think if you're gonna make a Christmas romance, you need to go big. Traveling to a small town and falling in love with just a regular guy is not the sweeping love story we need in COVID2020. At least make the "regular guy," like, turn out to be an heir to a small Dukedom. 
Okay, now for updates with me #cancercrap:

My emergency surgery was a week ago exactly. I'm home. I'm okay. I think they got all the infection? I'm still on antibiotics. They really butchered my right breast, which is not just gone, but concave and sewed up like a 4-year-old was trying to cross-stitch a jack-o-lantern on my chest. I have no idea what will happen next (though i'll have to heal completely before re-starting the dumb reconstruction process) because:

Not a single person from the hospital or surgeon's office has called to check in on me.

Yes, I'm aware that it's COVID and health workers are really overworked and stressed at the moment. This is also plastic surgery, which is rarely emergent, and I would think someone would call to check on me? 

I borrowed a blood pressure cuff from my neighbor, and tracked dangerously low blood pressure the two days after surgery. HUGE thanks to a cardiologist friend of mine for talking to me on a Friday night about when to go to the ER. She helped me avoid the ER by suggesting i eat saltines and drink gatorade until my BP got a little higher. I'm angry that someone less in tune with her body or someone who didn't have a BP cuff could have just died in their sleep because they were sent home from the hospital too soon. I'm so grateful for my neighbor with the blood pressure cuff and oximeter and for my cardiologist friend who saved my life. 

I was super dehydrated since my surgery was so late in the afternoon. I hadn't eaten anything in 24 hours, nor had water, and that likely contributed to my blood pressure. I could have used some IV fluids, but we don't keep IVs around the house.

Anyway: I'm pretty angry about the infection. No one had noticed it before, even though I saw 2 doctors a week for a month. I'd even said that I thought it was a little warm to the touch, and they, who spent maybe 90 seconds at most with me, said it was fine. Then, next thing I know, they are aspirating a huge abscess. I'll post a photo eventually, but for now I won't even let my husband see it. It's pretty horrific looking -- way worse than the original mastectomy. 

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