My dad's camera

About a year before my dad died, he gave me his camera. He was a really good photographer throughout his life, but a tumor was obstructing his photography eye. I've avoided looking at his photos, as I've been trying to focus on the bigger things that need attending to (his clothes, Mom's clothes, bowling trophies, random cables, other crap accumulated that takes up more room than a small SD card). This morning I took at look at the drive though, and I found a few beautiful photos I wanted to share. No editing, not even the magic "enhance" button: just some pics that brought me a little bit of joy.

The first shot is me singing at my own wedding. I swore I wouldn't work that day, but I needed a break from talking to everyone. Since I couldn't hide in the bathroom, I hid behind a microphone. The second photo is of sweet David watching me on stage.

Thank you, Daddy, for capturing those moments. I was afraid to look at your camera, but there are some wonderful moments on here.

There are some other fun moments he captured, but I think I'm going to post some of those as a patron-only link on my Patreon page. Join me over there, please! It's only a dollar. I've gotta leave SOMETHING for y'all who actively support me as a writer and artist. XO much love to you.