Sunday, May 3, 2020

Spring Tour 2020! And some castle photos!

Every spring I do a long tour of Europe, where I play a show every day from a different city. Last year was particularly memorable because my dad bought a last-minute plane ticket to tag along. He died six weeks after the trip, 11 months after his stage 4 cancer diagnosis.

This year's tour has been similarly dramatic, but I've worked tirelessly with promoters and publicists and managers to come up with THE PURPLE HAIR TOUR! May 2020: coming to you from a different room in my house every show.

Well, the official kickoff was on Friday, May 1: a special show brought to you from the European House Concert Hub ... with a live show from the AMAZING countryside that is ... MY STUDIO!

It was a fun show with some mild audio issues (4-year-old roadie who changed the gain on my microphone unwittingly), but par for the course on DAY ONE OF A WORLD TOUR!

It's so exciting to be back on the road. (lol)

Sweet David wanted to surprise me yesterday with a last-minute drive to Versailles, Kentucky, so I would still get to see a castle on my tour. I asked too many questions and ruined the surprise though, so instead we just walked up with our facemasks and ordered a To Go Mint Julep from a local pub. Please enjoy some photos of The Kentucky Castle taken on my 40th birthday instead:

This evening I'll be coming to you from the sweet Facebook land of AdathJeshurun, where the wonderful promoters have been providing weekly Sunday night entertainment to people of all faiths (and no faiths). 

You can pop over to AJ's Facebook page and watch the show live at 7p Eastern. There are simple ways to virtually tip. (And if you want to watch the show, but are busy at 7p, you can pop back on at any time and watch it!)

It's kind of amazing the ways we've all managed to up our tech game during quarantine. Like, two months ago I worked with some volunteers who refused to learn how to copy and paste because they "don't do computers," and now everybody's grandma is hosting Zoom surprise parties.

I have been fiercely creating content for all kinds of outlets, almost all of it unpaid (thanks to Kentucky Performing Arts/Brown-Forman and AJ for providing an honorarium). I've been collaborating on huge projects like that Jim James/Will Oldham song "Lift Up Louisville," which has gotten something like 100k views (some outlets credited me and others credited me as "and many more"). My kids are in the video, and the video is completely adorable.

Still employed? Here's me BEGGING you to join my Patreon. It's so easy and it allows me to write and create and #SpreadJoyNotGerms.

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