ERs & IKEA retail therapy.

IKEA lingonberry juice and Swedish fish. 
I posted this carefree blog last Monday, and then Tuesday was one of those real adulting days when I had to rush my 2-year-old to the ER via ambulance, with apparently no time to even transfer the carseat. He went from 100% fine to gasping from The Croup in about 5 minutes, and it was the Immediate Care Center that called EMS. Poor little guy was fine after a few breathing treatments and steroids, but not without scaring everyone. David drove straight home from Wisconsin after the paramedic told me to call him. It was no fun flying solo in the ER, but I abandoned our amazing au pair at home by herself (Graham was having a sleepover with my parents) because I was so focused on Angus I didn't want to worry about anyone else.

This weekend -- after the strange few days of monitoring Angus's every breath -- we escaped to IKEA land, aka West Chester, Ohio, for some Retail Therapy. It seemed like a weird, fun thing to our Brazilian au pair, who had not heard of IKEA, and it's been so cold she's been trapped in our house anyway. So we hit suburban Ohio (insert laughing hysterical emoji). We have been keeping a secret IKEA list for years, and it was time to splurge on a few things (a three-figure splurge, not a four-figure splurge) because I am almost 40 and I've only ever purchased one piece of new furniture. The main thing we went to get was OUT OF STOCK, even though I'd checked a few days prior and they had plenty. Maybe everyone in the vicinity went to buy their kids bunk beds over spring break??? We chose an alternative bunk because we'd already rented a truck, and we only go to IKEA once every 10 years. We didn't stray far from the list, which I think is pretty impressive.

Things we bought that were not on the list:

Dish brush. $1.49
Document tray. $8.99

Toy baking set. $9.99
Fake potted plant that Graham really wanted. $4.99
Mala markets $1.99

BRIGID curtains!!! $9.99

Friend with a truck again!!! But just a rental.