Friday, February 6, 2015

Crazy car-free people.

We have now been back in Louisville for over two years, and we have survived just fine without a car.
Bundled up and walking:)
This isn't to say we never drive. We very rarely drive, however, which makes has its perks, believe it or not. For example, the Wee Boy is obsessed with Hot Wheels and fire trucks and anything that goes vroooooom. So when we do borrow/rent a car, it is amazing to him -- maybe similar to your kid getting to ride in a fire engine. A rare and magical occurrence!

I bring this up today because most people I meet seem to pity us. Or think we are nuts. Or try desperately to find someone to drive us home (which I swear I appreciate, but it's just really not always necessary).

In many ways it's like living in a fishbowl. So many people tweet at me, "Hey I just saw you walking down Bardstown Road!" (which I do daily). Other friends will honk and offer me a ride -- often times it's people I barely know, which makes it extra cool. Usually I am happy to walk or I'm almost home anyway. A torrential rainstorm or single-digit (Fahrenheit) temperatures? Well, that's different, and those are the times I will attempt The Secret to hitch a ride. But most days it's fine. Plus, it's great for my Fitbit count. (David says I'm turning into a FitB#tch because of my newfound competitiveness. Actually, I take that back. He would never call anyone the B-word. I admit that it was I who did it... but I have more steps than you! (except you, Emilie, sigh)).

I wrote about our car-free lifestyle last summer. A few months later, this article came out that actually did some great math about owning a car v. taking Uber everywhere you want to go. 

Obviously, I'm well aware that not everyone lives less than three blocks from Bardstown Road, but I know a lot more people could, let's say, take the bus to work than actually do. If you're one of those people, then I challenge you to give it a try. In Louisville, the bus is $1.75 for adults and free for kids 5 and under (you need exact change, but they do accept dollar bills), and the driver gives you a ticket that's good for at least 3.5 hours ... sometimes I feel like it's 4, but that might be just an over-excited bus driver. Anyone know? I usually end up riding the bus one way and walking back because FITBIT!

Anyway, here is the TARC fares website. Try to ditch your car and see how it feels. Probably cold today, but as spring approaches ... well, just consider it?

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