Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Budgeting. Meal Planning. And moratorium on all your family!

I looked at earlier this week and determined that we bought you way too many drinks. Yep, you. I have since decided that I am no longer Scrooge from the end of the book, but Scrooge from the beginning (perhaps I am missing the moral of the story? But I'm not sure because I'm busy counting my gold). And not just a moratorium on buying rounds at the bar -- but for ourselves too.

In response to my shock at how much money we spent on "food & dining," not to mention the "alcohol & bars" budget (wasn't it supposed to be Dry January??!), I am hearby declaring that we are not going out to eat anymore this month. Nor are we going out to drink. Quite simply: we are not going out.

I'm also not going to the grocery until I've eaten that slimey bag of salad in the bottom drawer.

Yes, it's back to pioneer-living in the Kaelin household. No more Saturday morning crepes and croissants ... no lattes or muffins ... no tipping. Ugh, life feels dreary already ... 

Honestly, I figured if I didn't declare it publicly in my blog, I wouldn't stand a chance sticking to my goal. 

Tonight I will be bringing PB&Js to the Great Flood Brewing Company for my gig wtih Steve Cooley and Larry Raley. I will also not be buying you a drink. Don't tempt me by being nice to me or by being someone I haven't seen in ages. Seriously don't tempt me by being an overtired mama for whom I feel the deepest sympathy. Just bring $5 and buy yourselves a beer, okay? Larry and I will entertain you with George and Tammy duets while you sip your delicious craft beer on a leather couch.

Well, maybe if my tip jar is doing well, I'll buy you one. BUT JUST ONE! One each ...

Oh goodness, this is not going to go very well.

Sigh. Let us remember last Saturday, also known as The Last Croissant.


  1. Oh, God. How true that was in my house in January! I'm just glad (for many reasons) that February is a short month.

  2. Seriously. And I leave for my UK tour on Feb 25, so I really only have 2.5 more weeks of drinking this horrible homemade coffee. Work trips don't count!